New Subscription and Payment Plan

UU Wellspring is proud to present a new payment structure for congregations and individuals that provides more equity and allows smaller and mid-size congregations to participate in UU Wellspring.

Congregational Payment Structure

Whether you are leading a congregational program in person or online, the payment each year is based on the certified members your congregation reported to the UUA. You can check that number here. If you have 200 certified members, your annual subscription will be $200. If you have 450 members, it is $450 and 800 members it is $800 per year. We know that larger congregations often have multiple groups and their greater financial contribution helps to spread this opportunity to our smaller and mid-sized congregations.

First Year Retreat Costs

The first year includes a retreat. If we lead the retreat online, it is an additional, one-time payment of $300. If you lead the retreat because you have experience with UU Wellspring, there is no charge for the retreat. Note that we have developed a shorter, 4-hour retreat if you are doing it online and there are videos to guide you. UU Wellspring also hosts quarterly online sessions for facilitators to answer questions and chat about how it is going.

If you would like someone from UU Wellspring to come in person to lead your retreat, we charge $500 and you pay any travel expenses directly to the retreat leader. The retreat leader then stays in contact with you throughout the year to answer questions and chat about how it is going.

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Individual Payment Structure

Our online programs also include opportunities for individuals to take UU Wellspring online with people outside their own congregations. We have a sliding registration scale of $100 to $400. There are groups for religious professionals as well as for lay/volunteers from congregations. We also offer both Sources (First year) and Advanced programs for both cohorts.

Click here to link to registration as an individual for an online program.


Please use the donate button at the top of the page for additional donations or unique payments. Please contact if you use the donate button to identify yourself, your congregational affiliation.

How to Pay?
Invoices will be sent out with links to pay by credit card. If you choose paypal, please use the donate button at the top of this page and follow up with an email to make sure you or your congregation are credited. Checks made out to UU Wellspring inc may also be sent to:

Linnea Nelson
Executive Director UU Wellspring
8848 Grey Hawk Point
Orlando, FL 32836

Additional Questions?
Beth Irikura

Board Chair

We are grateful to the UUA for financial support:

  • UUA Lay Theological Grant Program (2009 and 2011)
  • UU Funding Program (2012, 2018 and 2020)

And the UU Sunday School Society:

  • Youth Grant (2019)