The Color Orange

Orange sunriseRecently my spiritual director and I worked on a theme around the color orange. It’s a long story, but what’s important is it was helping my meditation practice. Two mornings after our initial conversation, at the end of my meditation I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful orange sunrise out my living room window. Pretty amazing for early February in the Snow Belt.

A few days later my spouse and I traveled to a different city for a few days. We walked into the car rental garage to pick up our car, and guess what color it was? ORANGE. I don’t know about you, but I have never been assigned an orange rental car…My spouse started complaining until I explained my recent Orange Streak. We had a good laugh and drove toward our hotel.

Orange carWe got there early, so we stopped at the deli across the street for a quick sandwich. The employee behind the counter looked vaguely familiar, but I didn’t say anything because we were 1000 miles from home. Then she looked at us in an odd way and asked where we were from. When we told her, she exclaimed, “I thought I knew you! I painted your orange kitchen seven years ago. That was memorable!”

Two days later, having an ice cream craving, we Googled the closest scoop shop and, low and behold, “Orange Octopus” was listed first.

Orange OctopusOk, this now falls into the weird category. Or maybe it is synchronicity. This concept, coined by Carl Jung, called these types of events “meaningful coincidences;” they occur with no causal relationship, yet seem to be meaningfully related.

I’d say that was happening here! I decided to take it as a sign to continue to use this color in my mediation practice.

Have you ever had this kind of synchronicity happen? For some people it’s a number that keeps showing up, or a name, or place. Skeptics would just call this a coincidence. Carl Jung wouldn’t. And maybe it doesn’t matter. It has given me a fresh way to focus, to stay present and awake, which is the purpose of spiritual practice.

I’m so grateful to my UU Wellspring group years ago that encouraged me to keep an open mind, especially around developing an ongoing spiritual practice. May you be similarly blessed.

3 Responses to “The Color Orange”

  1. Carol Sweigert

    orange… one of the dried out markers that was let go… now just a fresh one! chuckling here

  2. Ginny Bilz

    The world is a mysterious place. Stories like this make it even more so. Thank you.


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