My Cat as Spiritual Practice

YonderAt our Wellspring retreat back in September, we talked about spiritual practice as being regular, intentional, and deep. And it occurs to me that my cat has become a spiritual practice in my life, one that brings me joy and contentment.

 Her name is Yonder. She’s not allowed to sleep with us because she weighs more than a bowling ball, takes up a lot of the bed and tends to walk on my face early in the morning when she gets hungry. So when I get up, she’s waiting for me at the bedroom door, the first thing I see every morning. I pick her up and hold her close and pet her and feel her joyful purring against my body. If I could purr I would, because I’m so happy to see her again and to feel that unconditional love.

 Of course I know that she’s probably purring because she knows she’ll be fed soon, but it’s more than that. She’s purring because we’re together and I’m happy because we’re completely present with each other, totally in the moment.

 This little reunion with the holy happens every morning, with regularity and intent. Yonder deepens my connection to love, to the present moment, to joy. How could this cat not be spiritual practice?

3 Responses to “My Cat as Spiritual Practice”

  1. Amy U.

    Love this Libby! I experience the same joy and connection with my Maddie every morning (including pressing my ear against her side to get the full effect of her purr). It is, indeed, spiritual practice!


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