The Universe’s Poem

“Why am I here?” is a fundamental question many of us who are attracted to Wellspring often hold in our hearts. Dick Gilbert has given me one answer in his meditation:

The Universe’s Poem

On this holy day and in this holy hour

Let us learn that we are words in the universe’s poem.


It is an epic poem of grand scope and cosmic reach.

It is a poem of stars and seasons,

Heaven and earth, life and death.


And we are the words that help give

Rhyme and rhythm and meaning to the stanza

In which we find ourselves.


It is a fragment of a couplet,

Yet essential to the whole.

Without us it lacks completion.


May we be worthy words in the Universe’s wide frame.

May we be grateful participants in the poem,

And may we celebrate its beauty, truth and grace.”


Wellspring has taught me to move beyond my ego to have a greater appreciation of my small impact on the world around me. It also helped me see and appreciate connections that I might have missed before.

The author is past president of the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Albany, NY.   The Rev. Dr. Richard S. Gilbert retired in 2005 after serving 44 years in the Unitarian Universalist ministry, including 32 years in service to the First Unitarian Church of Rochester, NY.

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