The Gift of Today

As I experience the poignancy of living my life in my later years, I recite this meditation each morning. It is from former minister Dick Gilbert:

The Gift of Today

Life is measured in years but it is lived in hours.

Life tales are told in generations of past, present, and future,

While they are lived one hour at a time.

The gift of life is not a gift of great sweeps of years but in the single hour –

The hour we live in now.


It is tempting to live off the capital of yesterday,

Or the anticipation of tomorrow,

But it is today that the hands of the clock measure the hours of our lives,

And it is the presence of time within us that tells its significance.


Why must we live in that can-never-again-be

Or the future-that-has-not-yet come?


Let us look at the gift of today and fall on our knees in gratitude.


The author is past president of the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Albany, NY.   The Rev. Dr. Richard S. Gilbert retired in 2005 after serving 44 years in the Unitarian Universalist ministry, including 32 years in service to the First Unitarian Church of Rochester, NY.

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