Seven Steps of Morning

7 Steps of Morning_sSheepishness. It is one of the most commonly shared experiences for most Wellspring participants at least once a year. Sheepishness that one is not doing her or his committed spiritual practice as often as one would like. Or even doing it at all.

As one teacher said, “That’s why they call it a spiritual PRACTICE.” We often falter. The trick is to avoid judging ourselves and, instead, to get curious.

Sometimes what helps is a new and different spiritual practice to freshen things up. As a person who is very active, I’ve often had a hard time with sitting practices like meditation. Which is why I like Joyce Rupp’s “Seven Steps of Morning.” It’s contemplative, but it has movement so I can stay alert.

Why not experiment with changing some of her wording to suit you, and try it on for a week? Sometimes shaking things up is a good thing!

Adapted from Joyce Rupp in Out of the Ordinary:

One can do this walking around any room, taking very small, contemplative steps. After the word is read, one small step is taken. Then the world “gratitude,” “love,” or some other is repeated quietly several times. Stay for one minute with the word. Then the next step is taken, the next word is read, repeated, etc.

My first step is that of gratitude . . . for the gift of another fresh day of life.

My second step is that of love . . . for the Holy One and for all my dear ones.

My third step is that of hope . . . for the possibility of growth in each moment.

My fourth step is that of compassion . . . for all of creation and our deep connection.

My fifth step is that of generosity . . . for all that shall be asked of me this day.

My sixth step is that of laughter . . . for the joys that will refresh my heart.

My seventh step is that of patience . . . for the difficult challenges that may arise.

One Response to “Seven Steps of Morning”

  1. I will begin each day with love for myself and a mnrinog practice of journaling, meditation and spiritual nourishment. Followed by physical exercise for my body (at least 5 days a week)I promise myself to not settle for anything less than my heart and soul’s desire in love and to reach beyond my fear into love in every area of my lifeThe support I am calling in to receive is from everywhere and everyone that I will see love in all it’s forms and allow space for love to be there even when my past or behaviors want me to see differently. I call on the universe to support me fully in my quest for love over fear all the time.Thank you!!!! Jules


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