Chalice w handsWe climb the mountain together

grateful the heavy boulders

of racism

the rocks of intolerance

were removed by the bravery

of those before us


we honor their names


We ask ourselves

what brought us each

to this mountain

guided by some inner knowing

to this path


Those who are comfortable

say a prayer

we light the fire that

shines our way forward

we settle into silence

and allow it to speak


The wind calls

and the trees bend

with the spirit of life

allowing each to their own


yet connected with the common

bond of freedom


Our hearts beat steady

the world opens before us

and at each height

our minds open anew


We reach the stream of justice and drink

We find the apple of knowledge

and eat

We speak of love and death

Joy and forgiveness

we talk about what matters

we let our lives speak

and each soul calls to the


and answers

The writer participated in UU Wellspring-Foundation in 2013-14 as a member of First Unitarian Universalist Society of Albany (NY).

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