Summertime is the perfect time to practice, by Tina Simson

This weekend our Wellspring groups will host the Sunday service at First Unitarian Church in Rochester, NY. Each year the participants design the service and offer their insights to our congregation. This year the theme is trees, and I’m eager to hear what they have to say. It is always rich and engaging.

Summer in amsterdam

Over the years of teaching Wellspring, I’ve realized that so many of us find our connection to the Holy in nature. So it seems as if summer is the perfect time to engage a nature based spiritual practice. One of my favorite resources for all things spiritual is the website Spirituality and Practice. They offer online guided practice sessions with some of the world’s leaders in spirituality.

This month they are offering an E-course, Pausing with Terry Hershey, that explores the fine art of slowing down and pausing. What a revolutionary thought. Or you can be inspired to design your own practice from their tips on Summertime and the Living takes Practice which offers many delightful activities that easily turn into contemplative practices.

So whether you befriend a tree, take a course or catch (and release) fireflies, engage this glorious season in all it’s sacredness. Touch the summer and you touch the Divine.


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