Wellspring Program Information

Wellspring is an intensive 10-month spiritual deepening program for Unitarian Universalists developed at of the First Unitarian Church of Rochester, NY. Now in its fifth year of success, Wellspring offers a spiritual journey dedicated to claiming, re-imagining, and practicing the ever-evolving living tradition of our faith. Rev. Jen Crow developed Wellspring based on five core components that each contribute to holding a strong center:

  • Spiritual practice – commitment to regular, intentional practice
  • Spiritual direction – self-reflection with a guide
  • Unitarian Universalist history and theology – reading, listening, reflecting
  • Small group – participation in a community of seekers
  • Faith in action – what we are called to do in the world

Examples of Reading and Discussion Topics

  • Spiritual Practice
  • Our Spiritual Journeys
  • Welcoming the Soul
  • Our European Roots
  • Unitarian and Universalist Roots in America
  • Transcendentalism
  • Buddhism
  • Humanism
  • Process Theology
  • UU and the Crises of Life
  • Human Nature
  • Forgiveness
  • UU Perspectives on Death
  • The Theology of Joy
  • Living Our Faith

Who should participate in Wellspring?
Anyone who has been involved with a Unitarian Universalist church for a while, is committed to learning more about Unitarian Universalism, and wants to find a deeper spiritual life within their UU church.

How much time is required for Wellspring?
Wellspring is a commitment to a spiritual journey that begins with a day-long retreat in September, followed by two-hour meetings scheduled two or three times a month from September through May.Participants and facilitators should also plan on time for daily spiritual practice, a monthly meeting with a spiritual director, and time for reading the assignments and reflecting on them (approximately 4-6 hours per month).

How is this program different from other small groups?
Wellspring is different because of the time required and the commitment to a daily spiritual practice. It focuses on understanding the roots of our faith and the transformations in Unitarian Universalist thought, as well as our own beliefs. The readings cover a multitude of topics including history, Transcendentalism, process theology, humanism, and the crises of life. We are asked to think about how our faith sustains us and what it calls us to do in the world.

New groups begin each September at First Unitarian Church of Rochester NY; Rev. Crow and Wellspring Facilitators Joy Collins, Libby Moore and Tina Simson are available to consult with UU congregations interested in starting a Wellspring program at their church.

How can I learn more?

Look for UU Wellspring on Facebook

Contact Reverend Jen Crow at jen@rochesterunitarian.org

This project received a grant from the Lay Theological Grants Program with funds contributed to the UUA’s Association Sunday.

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