Online retreat with Sylvia Boorstein

We spent our Wellspring session last week talking about
Buddhism. We talked about it’s basic tenets and how, as Unitarian
Universalists, we are drawn to it. Reading the Stephen Batchelor’s Buddhism
Without Beliefs
and Sylvia Boorstein's It’s Easier than You Think, we all agreed that
our one session was just not enough time. 

So I wanted to let you know about an online retreat on Lovingkindness
with Sylvia Boorstein from our friends at Spirituality and Practice.

Now you may wonder if the words, retreat and online,
actually go together, but the folks at Spirituality and Practice do a wonderful
job of bringing spiritual practice into the 21st century. They have
engaged some of the leaders in spiritual thought to facilitate the retreats and
the dedication of Mary Ann and Frederic Brussat is evident in the abundance of
offerings on their website.  Here
is the description from this course.

    “The retreat, delivered by email, then leads us through a
series of lessons and meditation practices that show us how to have an abiding
good will toward friends, family members, colleagues, people we see on the
street and in stores, and even those whom Sylvia calls "difficult
people" — people who have hurt us or simply rub us the wrong way.”

     “This Lovingkindness Online Retreat will help you live with
ease and less confusion. Offered during Easter and Passover, it is a perfect
way to integrate the wisdom of a profound Buddhist practice into these holy
days in the Christian and Jewish traditions, offering you a well-rounded and
expansive view of a universal human desire to love and to love well.”

So if you’re looking for a way to engage this topic, or to
enliven your spiritual practice, I encourage you to try this retreat. It will
bring the presence of mindfulness and awareness right to your inbox! 

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