Notes about my Dad, by Tina Simson

My dad is at the end of his life. He struggles with the
burden of everyday living. There are many times when I merely sit next to him
and hold his hand.

No words pass between us.

Really now, how often can I ask about his meals at the
nursing home or if they cleaned his teeth? The man in the bed next to him has
the TV much too loud, but my Dad can’t hear anyway.

However today he looked at me and asked, “Do you know the
story about how God created the world?’

“Well, yes” I said, “but tell me again”

He continued, “ When God first made the world he noticed
that it was dark. So he took the light from inside Himself and lit the world.”

He was thoughtful for a bit, and then he said.

“So wherever I am, I am surrounded by God.”

 “Yes” I said, “I believe that’s true”

And then he let go of my hand.

3 Responses to “Notes about my Dad, by Tina Simson”

  1. Tina,
    This is so bittersweet and touching. A dad of gifts right to the end….Love, Joy


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