Finding your voice, by Tina Simson

Every year, as our Wellspring groups end, participants are asked to create a project that synthesizes all they've learned during a year of studying. They consider the Unitarian Universalism history and theology, the exploration of big questions and the deeper journey into their own soul. Often the task seems daunting. So I thought I'd post some resources so folks could meander around the web and revisit some of Wellspring's key elements. So get cozy, grab your journal and relax into your own soulful cyberspace journey.

How about Unitarian Universalism on YouTube

Let's start with the Seven Principles

How about some spiritual tidbits from Speaking of Faith browse, listen and be inspired

Consider the Big Questions like Forgiveness, Compassion, Prayer

Let Your Life Speak with Parker Palmer

Consider Faith in Action with the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

An if you feel as if you are getting way too serious, enjoy some UU Jokes

Enjoy, listen to your soul and speak your truth!

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