Chasing Life, by Tina Simson

Today was one of those days that start slowly. You see, my
dad is leaving this world bit by bit, and a dear friend was recently diagnosed
with cancer. It’s cold outside and the remnants of a Nor’easter are piled up
around my house. I awoke this morning, not eager to get out of bed.

But then in the distance, like a call from God, a lone
cardinal whistled its spring song. It was still dark; that moment of shadows
between sleep and awake, when if you’re lucky you can forget. At first, I was
annoyed at the call.  Let me sleep
a bit longer, please. I rose reluctantly and walked to the window. Every morning I
greet the first light. I take a moment to express gratitude for the abundance
of my life, but this morning I was tired.

The shadows were sharp in the moonlight; there was a
splinter of light on the horizon. And below my window was a bustle of activity.
A couple of gray squirrels were chasing one another and I laughed out loud at
their antics. Up trees, over the frozen yard, up the mailbox post, they were on
a mission. Then above me the same dance, two cardinals chasing through the bare
trees. And that’s when it became clear; it was the spring ritual.  

In spite of the piles of snow, the lack of
food, the cold morning, and the endless winter these creatures were chasing
life.  It’s such a hard balance for
me, so easy for them. My lesson today is plain, allow death and chase life. In this
balance, is the heart of God.

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