Wellspring Receives a Grant to Spread the Good News!

Hi there everyone, 

We have been very lax about blogging lately, sorry to all our regulars. We promise to do better.

But our Wellspring program is humming along and we are delighted to report that we received a grant from the Lay Theological Grants Program with funds contributed to the UUA's Association Sunday. With this money, we will be bringing our Spiritual Deepening Program to other UU congregations through out the country. This year we are working with two churches to initiate Wellspring programs in their communities. One is Pathways in Dallas, the other is the First Unitarian Church of Des Moines, IA – with Rev. Tony Lorenzen and Rev. Mark Stringer. 

Our own Rev. Jen Crow, Libby Moore and Joy Collins will be coaching these two churches and offering guidelines about using our curriculum and facilitating our process. With these two pilots complete, we will be offering Wellspring to ten additional churches next year. We also hope to provide a workshop, on running a Wellspring program, during GA next year in Minneapolis. 

So stay tuned for more information. We are so grateful for this grant and for opportunity to bring to others, a rich soulful experience rooted in our own UU tradition.

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