Welcome, by Tina Simson

I often take a walk in the morning down the same road. I live
in the country and as the seasons change, the vistas never disappoint me. I’ve
see the same houses, streams and paths thousands of times in the twenty years I’ve
lived here.  And I have past this
one clearing each time.

It looks as though someone cleared the land and then lost
focus. There are trees cut and neatly stacked along the side, and a dirt driveway
prepared. Wildflowers have grown into an abundance of color. Early in the
morning the sun streaks through the trees inviting me into the center.  But I’ve never gone in.

You see there’s a chain across the driveway. There’s no
fence, no signs warning me away, there’s just a simple chain across the
driveway. But somehow that is enough to stop me. As if an invisible authority
is saying, this is not for you.

It makes me wonder how many chains I have strung in my life,
across opportunities for others and myself. I wonder how I have let the
invisible authorities redirect my journey.

I wonder what it takes to cut the chains. 

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