Why I love Rochester, by Libby Moore

I was supposed to have coffee this afternoon with my friend Joy, a chance to talk about my worries about Bob and this unexplained blood count drop. But she called about fifteen minutes before we were supposed to meet and suggested that with the heavy snow coming down, we might postpone our date. I looked out the window and saw nothing but a little gray to the north and west – but as we were talking, it started to snow at our house, faster and heavier, large flakes drifting down, settling on the trees and ground. We cancelled our date. Another Rochester weather event.

But that’s not why I love Rochester. It’s the people who have surrounded us in this uncertain time, the people who visited in the hospital, who called and e-mailed and sent their love in so many ways. It’s the early choir singing “The Storm Is Passing Over” to Bob on my cell phone, since he couldn’t come to choir rehearsal Tuesday night. It’s the offers of food and someone to sit with me while we wait for procedures to be finished. It’s knowing that we’re not alone in this.

The good news is that Bob doesn’t have cancer and the bone marrow biopsy doesn’t show anything horrible. We’re in a period of watchful waiting now, monitoring his blood count and watching for unusual events, but I know we’ll be okay. We have this caring community in Rochester, and beyond.

At the start of every Sunday worship service, one of our ministers reminds us all about why we come to church, that we need community with other loving souls. This past week has reinforced that need for us. In this time of uncertainty and fear, Bob and I treasure the friends and family who are with us, no matter what. We have a community that cares about what happens to us, and that’s why I love Rochester. It’s not Rochester’s peaceful, quiet snow, it’s not the glorious lilac-filled spring, not the uncongested traffic and cheap housing prices – it’s the people we know, the church community and the choir and the golfers and the Bi-Fri guys, the friends who bring us cake and flowers and blackberries in January. I know from experience that ours is a caring community – I hope that others find this kind of love and caring in their times of need. I know that this community has blessed us and that we are grateful.

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