What Nourishes Me, by Mary Lyubomirsky

Sharing_mealI wonder at the full, satisfied feeling in my stomach and my heart:

What has so nourished me?

To whom or what do I owe my deepest gratitude for sustenance of body and soul?

The miracle waiting inside a seed,

Water falling from heaven,

Leaves harvesting energy from the sun,

Labor applied to cultivation.

The careful selection of food from the harvest,

Eyes scanning thoughtfully through recipes,

Hands moving skillfully over cutting board, bowl, pot,

Love poured into preparation.

The soothing glow of candlelight,

Minds paused in blessed reflection,

Voices sharing poems, songs, and stories,

Souls gathered in celebration.

The smells of sumptuous dishes,

A table set to welcome the circle of sojourners,

A feast of flavors to delight the palate,

Thoughts woven into conversation.

The story of my nourishment begins long before the spoon reaches my lips,

I take in far more than what is contained in these tasty morsels.

Its sustenance far outlasts the journey home.

How rich is the ‘before’, ‘during’, and ‘after’ of this celebration!

A spiritual cornucopia that refills upon reflection!

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