Things I learned from an old dog, by Tina Simson

Lounge_dogIt’s been a long time since I’ve written a post for our blog. To say that I’ve been busy doesn’t do justice to my life. I have a job. I’m on the Board of Trustees at church, a member of two very active committees, and I’m in seminary. In the next few weeks I’ll have oral exams, write a 10-page paper on my spiritual journey (which I think I can do justice to in a paragraph), attend a weeklong intensive for which I have 70 questions due on the World’s religions and my son leaves for his second duty in Iraq. This trumps everything.

So this morning, faced with these struggles, all I want is to go for a walk with my very old dog, Marty. He is my spiritual guide, extraordinaire so I thought I’d share some of his early morning lessons with you.

Walking the same path can be full of excitement. Everyday is a new journey.

If you get tired on this journey all you need to do is sit down and the neighbors will come over to see how you’re doing.

Going slow and steady is an honorable pace.

Walking right through the mud makes the whole trip worthwhile.

If you get too excited and your bottom-half falls out from under you, you don’t have to stop wagging your tail.

There are always enough crows to complain about and surprisingly they don’t care.

There’s no need for instant messaging, texting or e-mail…when you get out and about you see real people.

When you get home there’s no need to apologize for taking a morning nap, or an afternoon nap or napping all day long.

When you nap, your dreams remind you of all the other glorious walks you’ve ever taken.

After your nap, there’s enough time to figure out how to open the ‘lazy Susan’ pull out the confectioner’s sugar, rip it open and drag it around the house for a while before your people come home.

If you’re too tired at night, to climb the stairs to your comfortable chair in the bedroom, all you need to do is whine just a little bit. Someone will pick you up and carry you.

So, I think I’ll be napping today, dreaming of rain for my garden. I’ll call my son to see how he’s doing and wait for my friends to pick me up and carry me.

Love to you all.

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  1. wonderful as always… poor old marty….such a good doggie…


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