The well is springing, by Melissa Blackstone

I am blessed to be part of several groups, where we explore our spiritual beliefs, review readings, poems, meditations, movies, and discuss and express responses. There is a current, a well, a reservoir of yearning that finds its voice through creative expressions of found art. There is a fountain of light within, around and in the eyes of others that becomes manifest as I’ve learned to become still, be, and listen.

Life continues to provide a tableau for lessons and opportunities, which sometimes I embrace, sometimes I turn my back on, and sometimes I don’t even see.

What I know now, is that a well is springing from me, and my new found vision and community of friends are sharing in this discovery, and recognition, that within the center, at every moment, is the knowing of the know.

In this, some parts of my life now don’t fit anymore, but the reasons aren’t frightening anymore. I know they keep me from, neigh. I keep myself from being in the light and power that is truly my gift and responsibility.

I cherish this learning, and exchange fear for welcome and trust for the grace that is ever present.

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