Reflections at the end of Wellspring

At the final session of our Wellspring group, each participant brought something of meaning to reflect on the year’s work together. Several offerings have been posted here already – Kim’s lovely blessing for our group, Melissa’s comprehensive reflection on learnings she’s taken away from the program. Carolyn’s poem “The Meadow” will be posted next week.

The reflections honor our Unitarian Universalist heritage in their individuality, their thoughtfulness, their commitment to living deeply and well in our faith. It seems fitting to share them with others in the Wellspring community through the blog. I am grateful for the time we’ve had together in this group – ten months of sharing our souls, our personal stories, our love and laughter and joy. We move onward in our different paths now, nourished by one another. May we all continue to love one another and to live with joy.

Libby Moore

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