Posting Comments to the Blog, by Tina Simson

Hi there all you Wellspring Blog readers. I wanted to take a moment and talk about how to publicly comment on a blog entry. Recently I’ve been getting e-mails from people who have read a blog entry and felt moved to let us know just how great or inspiring it is. The e-mails come only to me, (I’m the keeper of the e-mail account) so unless I pass them on to the author, she doesn’t know you’ve written. A more direct way to comment is to click on the text “comment” at the bottom of each entry, follow the prompts and enter your remarks onto the blog itself. This allows the author to see your feedback and encourages a public conversation about the entry. This creates a great dialogue and makes our work personal and relevant for our readers. We always love to hear from you and appreciate your opinions. If you have personal requests or concerns please feel free to e-mail us, but if you like us, please let others know by making your comments publicly.

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