I might as well be singing, by Tina Simson

SingingLast month I was talking to a friend about how busy this time of year can get. She has three kids and a job and had a huge list of “to dos” before the holidays arrived. Then she told me that in spite of feeling a bit daunted, she added another task. My friend is a singer and she said she added rehearsing and performing in Handle’s Messiah to her ‘to dos.” She would be racing around with her kids to sporting events and performances all month and when I asked her why, in such a hectic time, she’d add one more thing to do, she simply said, “I might as well be singing”

I stopped talking and listened; a revelation came quietly with her words. She was telling me that singing is an answer to what life throws our way. That in spite of the trials and challenges, we have an option. Singing is a gift we each have and a choice any of us can make. It’s not relegated to a few with golden voices. It’s as if we have an ever-ready prayer of joy available whenever we choose. That’s not to say we don’t need to deal with life but it comforts me to think that singing can be the salve.

We talked about the Hymn, My Life Flows On. It begins, “My life flows on in endless song” and the last line of each stanza is “How can I keep from singing?”

You probably know the one, but here are a few renditions from Enya and the Cyberhymnal. The words change depending on your denomination or inclination but the message is the same. Life will throw us into tailspins and storms will come and the cold winds of winter will sneak through the cracks. But if I stop and if I listen

“I hear the music ringing; it sounds an echo in my soul…I might as well be singing”

Thanks Mary…

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