An amalgamation of learning and truths, by Melissa Blackstone


An amalgamation of learning and truths

Melissa May 2008


Questions & Discovery


Grace & Equity in the midst of torture

Evil as distance from the worth of self and others


UU choice as emancipation and burden: thanks William Channing!

Listen: Way OPEN



Accountability for action= Social responsibility

“The inner journey, pursued faithfully & well, always takes us back to the world of action”



STRIVING: we are part of life; we co-create the reality in which we live

We are vessels and instruments of God


Notice JOY


Be still, and LISTEN

The still, small voice


Refute the refuge and ego of intellectualism

Opinions are self serving, and stifle others’ inner teachers


Spiritual direction: A compass to my soul

Spiritual practices: I think I can, I think I can




Process Theology: Everything is connected…..STRIVE



Spiritual Awakening



Yoga: Connoisseurs of the state of wonder




Servetus: a heretic


They died for what we take for granted

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