A Blessing as We Part

Blessed be your journey
along the stony path only your soul knows
Let longing crack your world open
so that belonging
and joy
are companions to your howling dog heart

May you hold the friendship of your soul
steadfast as the cardinal upon her eggs
Treasure its shyness
protect and guard
its secrets
listen for its whispers echoes and sighs

Blessed be your work in the world
in your family and community
May your gifts shine
and flow
and burst and bubble
from the wellspring of your living heart

May you be in right relation
with all of life’s messy creation
That which frightens
those who repel and attract
are messengers
from the great beyond and the holy within

As you sit in silence
or walk or run or sing
May you feel the presence
of your fellow travelers
meeting your heart
in the wild garden of pulsing sacred space.

Kim Palma

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