Wellspring shares resources just in time for GA

We are more than a little bit excited about being able to share our Wellspring experience and resources with all of you who are interested in starting a Wellspring program at your congregation.

Jen, Joy and Libby are flying off to Portland, prepared to give a great presentation on Wellspring on Thursday from 1-2:15. It’s an awesome overview with some great anecdotes and testimonies, if I do say so myself!

As part of our commitment to share the word, we have created a page on this blog for Wellspring Program Information. Check the sidebar link. You will find a brief overview of our program complete with FAQ’s, a curriculum outline with reading resources and a comprehensive facilitators study guide.

All you need are participants and a chalice! Please remember we are always available for consultation and support and check into the blog frequently as we all muse about our spiritual journey as good UU’s.


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