Tools for the trip: web resources for a spiritual journey, by Tina Simson

I recently went on a guided retreat for three days. The spiritual advisor told me “don’t bring any books.” She said that after I told her I was a UU. It turned out to be quite engaging but we UU’s do need our resources. Here are a few web tools we’ve found to enhance the journey.

If you haven’t come across Speaking of Faith, a program and website from American Public Media, you are in for a treat. This resource explores many varied topics, issues and concerns regarding faith in the world. From programs on the private faith of Jimmy Carter, to the teaching of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, to the sacred sounds of whales and elephants, this treasure will expand your heart and mind. Listen from the site or download to your Ipod, but make this a part of your day.

This site, Spirituality and Practice, was recently found by our blogger Libby and offers a plethora of resources from many faith traditions. A true melting pot, you will find Zen to Christian practices, tips on new movies and solutions to life’s struggles, like how to deal with difficult people from a spiritual perspective. They even link to online courses in spiritual practice and topics from some of the best-known teachers. This site is so big; I subscribed to the free newsletter.

Life Now Radio is a new venture offered jointly by our home congregation First Unitarian Church of Rochester, NY, and the First Universalist Churches of Rochester. Rev Kaaren Anderson from First Unitarian, is the host and she skillfully explores diverse and engaging topics. I particularly loved the most recent, The Meditating Mom and The Art that Saved Me, reminded me how significant art and music has been in my life. I use the Podcast subscription for this and listen as I’m traveling around the city. I’ve been known to take a wrong turn just to finish a show!

Thankfully we are a denomination that can laugh at ourselves. This link will give you hours of laughter. Make sure you ‘click here’ under the heading for more jokes. I don’t know how often jokes are added but I’ve but it on my favorites list as a reminder not to take myself too seriously. It boasts over 700,000 visitors.

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