Summer Full Moon, by Joy


I am usually oblivious to a summer full moon. I am an early-to-bed early-to-rise type, and a month or more can go by in the summer when I don’t see stars or the moon. I am generally not up when it’s dark.

Last night was an exception. I was awake in the middle of the night and found myself looking out the skylight as this gorgeous full moon bathed the room. I had forgotten about her!

This morning I went out for my daily jog and because of my midnight memory, I looked up to the tree line on my street. And there she was! That full moon was still there, just lower in the sky and hardly visible in the summer sunshine. My entire route I played the game of noticing when I could see the moon, and when she was tucked behind trees or a building, or the brightness of the day. I found delight in my peek-a-boo game. There was no anxiety because I knew the moon was there, just sometimes obstructed.

I wish I was so full of faith about my own soul or inner divine light! How easily I get “unplugged” or lose my bond to that part of me. Today was a reminder that even if I don’t feel connected, it’s not because my divine light is extinguished. It is because I have temporarily lost my ability to feel my inner “full moon.” And ironically I sometimes get blinded by the summer light of distractions. It is a gentle reminder to cultivate those ways back to a calm midnight space where I can say “oh yeah, there she is!”

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