Impact of faith in action, by Rev. Jen Crow

I saw her across the room yesterday. A sea of people gathering and dispersing – moving and morphing on the floor of the capitol – all there to give voice to the needs of the minority – all there to ask our government to grant the same rights and responsibilities to all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression. We gathered with one purpose in mind – all 800+ of us – and there she was – wearing her somber black shirt and clerical collar, her face just as calm and warm and open as always.

I’d seen her in the pictures years ago. One of two Unitarian Universalist ministers in New York State who had gone to jail for signing marriage licenses for same-sex couples, the Rev. Kay Greenleaf inspired me then and now. She didn’t do it for the press. She didn’t do it to grow her church. She didn’t do it because it was the most politically expedient strategy. She signed those licenses because it was the right thing to do. She signed them because there in that moment of truth she could do nothing else.

I sit down to my meditation this morning encouraged by the bravery of another – knowing that what may look like courage on the outside is often a simple response to the call of conscience on the inside. We never do know the impact we might have on another. So why not let our true selves shine through – aligning our actions with our beliefs – answering the call of conscience from within – that our ripple of love and justice might extend further than we can ever know.

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