Greetings from Portland, by Joy, Libby, and Jen

We’re here at General Assembly in Portland Oregon, where close to six thousand UU’s have converged on the Convention Center from all across the country. With the sponsorship of the St. Lawrence District, we offered our workshop on Wellspring on Thursday, June 21, hoping to get at least thirty people attending. Beyond our wildest expectations, it drew well over 150, so many that we had to turn approximately 30 away because there wasn’t room for everyone to squeeze into our small conference room. Who knew?

The size and enthusiasm of the crowd demonstrated to us that there’s a real hunger in our denomination for this specifically Unitarian Universalist program of spiritual deepening. During the workshop and in the hallways later, people asked wonderful questions about the components of the program, how it works and how to get started. Some of you had concerns about how quickly you might begin a program. “Is this September too soon?” DIVE IN! If you can find 6-7 folks in your congregation plus a minister to facilitate, and you’re all committed to this ten-month program, you’re good to go. Check out the side bar under Wellspring Program Information were we posted all the curriculum material including the PowerPoint presentation without the video clips – feel free to use it for recruitment.

And remember, our faith in action is to be here to help. We’d love to talk to you by phone or e-mail, and you can take advantage of the links to the curriculum and study guide. We’ll be back in Rochester next week and hope to hear from you about your congregation’s interest in Wellspring. Safe journey to all those who will be traveling home soon.

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