Bringing the sea to a snowy April day, by Tina Simson

J0289487If you’re like me, you find spiritual grounding at the ocean. But for we landlocked people (or actually snow-locked, today), reflecting at the ocean may come only once a year. At a recent retreat, I learned this meditation called Ocean Breath. I provide it here, so with a quiet setting and a settled mind, you too can smell the salt air and hear the gulls.

Ocean Breath meditation

Sit upright in a comfortable chair, or stand. Consciously release all the days troubles and tensions from your mind and body.

Breathe in for seven counts through your mouth making an ssssccccccc sound.

Hold your breath for one count

Breathe out for seven counts through your mouth with an aaahhhhhhh sound.

Hold your breath for one count

Repeat the sequence


Feel each breath as a wave upon the shore of a divine ocean. Gradually identify with the deeper aspects of the sea. Allow the sound of the breath, the waves crashing upon the shore, to fade into the distance. Attune to the subtler rhythm of the ebb and flow. Say to yourself, “I am the wave, make me the sea”.

The breathing provides a sense of settling and the sound of your own breath becomes the ocean as you rock in the comfort of our primal home. Try it in silence or with the help of quiet music.

New Earth Records offers a wide array of reasonably priced music for meditation and some can be downloaded for your IPod. ITunes also has great options and you can listen to the music before you download.

A friend of mine said she put a bit of sunscreen on to enhance the sensory input…whatever works, I think you’ll enjoy this one.

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